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In a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever. Moore’ s Assurance professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients to navigate change, bolster investor confidence, and strengthen the value of their businesses.

We unify audit approaches across Moore member companies around the world. If you are looking for a global audit firm that spans subsidiaries in EU countries, we are the right partner for you. EU-Asia desk will be your single point of contact for audits in each EU country, saving you the time in communicating with each auditor.

Internal audit, management of internal controls and IS

Statutory and contractual audit of financial statements

Audit of consolidated financial statements

Consultation of accounting procedures

Audit of subsidies

IT audit

Financial due diligence

Forensic audit

Audit in business combinations

Certification of selected accounts, parts or items of financial statements


Advice on the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS/IAS

Audit according to local regulations, IFRS/IAS, US GAAP and HGB

We currently have increased number of inquiries regarding audit in EU countries from Asian companies. For more information and insights, please feel free to contact us.

Global Approach and Audit Policy


We believe that the understanding of your business is the basis of our successful cooperation. Our team will include a number of specialists with a long-term focus on your business sector. We always strive to provide an added value to our clients; therefore, we prepared a number of training courses, publications, studies and analyses.


As auditors, we offer a professional approach without compromises. Our approach is global and focuses on risks and continuous communication with our clients.

Global Reach

Moore is a global organization with a network of shared objectives, standards, and systems. This enables us to make use of an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise, which also enhances our ability to render ourservices anywhere where needed by clients.

We allocate sources to individual tasks effectively. Our global audit methodology has been developed in detail and is consistently used all across the global MOORE network.

All MOORE teams around the world jointly employ the similar technological platform and, in the same way, they will follow detailed instructions of our client. We can therefore offer consistent quality worldwide.

On-going Dialogue and Support

We know that complying with the agreed reporting schedule is important, in order to keep the day-today operation smooth in each group entity. We believe that efficient communication is the key for seamless delivery of implementation and for a successful audit outcome. To achieve such, our team provides the following activities:
  • Discussions with finance members of the client on a regular basis throughout our audit, to share the latest information and current problems;
  • Regular meetings with the client for resolving individual questions and problems, if any;
  • Frequent communication regarding our findings from the completion of the principal audit stages.

No Surprises

We are certain that neither of us likes unexpected surprises. To avoid discovering problems at the last moment, we follow a structured approach to our activities as the following:
  • Focusing on risk during the initial audit stages;
  • Identifying weaknesses in control mechanisms before the end of the reporting period;
  • Communicating via an open and direct dialogue throughout the reporting period; and
  • Assessing future events and the impact of recent financial reporting and tax legislation developments on your company’ s requirements before the end of the reporting period.

Added Value

While providing solutions, we make every effort to provide our clients with an ‘added value’ by giving comprehensive answers to their questions. Not only advice and reports, but we also provide practical solutions to the client’ s specific problems:
  • Our advisory approach will be diligent and ractical, based on our experience and well-proven solutions for the reporting and control frameworks. Our experience in the field of industrial production will become your advantage.
  • At the same time, our EU-Asia desk with natives peakers (China, Japan and Korea) will provide one-stop service to Asian clients as a single communication point for supporting solutions to all the challenges they face.


To prevent any independence issues, we inspect all circumstances that might impair the independence and objectivity of our engagement partner and audit team. These measures include diligent monitoring of all proposed non-audit services, independent inspections of audit procedures and key decisions, and a change of partners on a seven-year basis.


Materiality Focus

Materiality, the amount that drives the extent of audit procedures, is determined based on a detailed understanding and knowledge of the audited entity/group and is set during audit planning. We are practical in setting up the scope of group audit. Based on a detailed knowledge of the group we combine audit, review and specified procedures depending on materiality and component specific risks.

Audit of Disclosures

Evaluation of completeness and relative importance of disclosures is done early in audit planning. The collection of information for consolidation then focuses on the most important disclosures in order to achieve balanced and appropriately informative financial statements.


Our audit strategy is based on proactive and open communication. We intend to request that information be made available 3 weeks before the start of audit fieldwork, in order to receive all important information on the first day of audit field work. We plan to utilize Jira Software for the collection of information from individual components of the Group. In recent years, audit is becoming increasingly more digital. We plan to use Audit Analytics to identify risky transactions and generate good questions and insights. We may request from you the full package of accounting data from individual components. For timely understanding and management of your requirements, we include cloud service-based audits for the following reasons:

Engagement Coordination

For having a transparent tool to cooperate in real time, enabling interaction between the audit and client teams.

Management of Information Requests

For facilitating requests for documents, sharing documents between the audit team and the client, and monitoring the request status in real time.