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Payroll / Accounting

Payroll Administration

Moore offers statute-compliant tailor-made payroll administration for your company. Details of our service are described in the following chart. We can also offer further services according to the client’s needs, such as the expatriate service, the preparation of payroll report, representation and registration at the authorities, and integration to the accounting software.

Setting up Payroll Services

  • Analysis of the Client’s payroll policy (if applicable)
  • Setting up Client’s compensation and benefits calculation parameters (meal vouchers, holiday, sickness)
  • Set up of collection and distribution of the documents (to Client/to employees)
  • Analysis of the Client’s reporting needs
  • Preparation of the payroll processing to accounting and e-banking
  • Preparation processing of expat / management salaries
  • Setting up of the GDPR (payroll) compliance

Monthly Payroll Services

  • Management of payroll records and confidential employee files
  • Payroll computing including payments to the health, social security and tax authorities
  • Maintaining relationships with the tax, social security and health insurance authorities
  • Payroll processing (e-banking) to employees’ health, social security and tax authorities bank accounts
  • Outsourced processing of senior management salaries to prevent information loss
  • Preparation and issue of discrete monthly payrolls for all employees
  • Calculation and processing of employees’ meal vouchers
  • Processing of all financial documentation upon termination of employment
  • Preparation of employees’ annual earnings summary
  • Payroll legislation consultancy
  • Payroll and annual tax return for expats (*optional)
  • Salary payment service through a sub-account dedicated to each company (*optional)

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Moore offers accounting services in accordance with the regulations of the financial and local authorities. Details of our accounting/bookkeeping service are described below. We can also offer further services, such as the processing of various reports, the provision of analyses and budgets, the preparation of statistical reports, representation before the authorities, the analysis of claims, sending reminders to debtors by the due date, and working with auditors and tax advisors. Our treasury services are also becoming increasingly popular: they consists of the preparation of payment orders and dealing with banks in order to manage payments on the client’s behalf. We also offer internal accounting guidelines, make proposals regarding the regulation of document circulation, suggest guidelines for travel expenses, and participate in inventories and the training of contact personnel.

Monthly Accounting Services

  • Keeping a record of business transactions in the books of account in accordance with the adopted accounting policy and applicable tax regulations
  • Keeping subsidiary fixed asset accounts
  • Keeping subsidiary accounts of settlements with suppliers and customers
  • Keeping subsidiary accounts of settlements with employees
  • Keeping VAT accounts
  • Preparation of monthly reports as required by the Client (from the set up)
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account

Services for Closing the Year

  • Preparation of Statutory Annual Financial Statements in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act
  • Preparation of annual tax declarations
  • Preparation of annual reports as required by the Client (from the set up)

Setting up Accounting Services

  • Analysis of the Client’s accounting policy (if applicable)
  • Setting up Client’s cost allocation parameters and workflow
  • Set up of collecting the Client’s documents (electronic/physical)
  • Analysis of the Client’s reporting needs – preparation of management reports and other reports
  • Analysis and entering of the opening balances of the Client
  • Preparation of the database exchange files and interfaces

Additional Services

  • Reports for the National Bank and the Statistical Office
  • VAT correction reports
  • Intrastat reports, EC sales list
  • Consolidation packages
  • Tax information for the tax authorities
  • Electronic banking system services (preparation of money transfers)
  • Confirmations of receivables and liabilities
  • Consultation on the yearly budgeting plans and proposals
  • Assistance for civil tax declarations (expat)
  • Documents describing the Client’s accounting policy
  • Assistance for internal accounting procedures
  • Assistance for accounting and tax issues
  • Training in the area of accounting
  • Ad hoc advisory services relating to accounting and tax issues
  • Assistance and advisory for external invoices