Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting
HR / Recruitment
Tax Advisory
Payroll / Accounting

General Consulting

  • Comparison of countries (basic information, economic situation, political situation, major industries, labor market, strong/weakpoints, logistic advantages, living environment for expats, etc.)
  • Type of investment (greenfield, brownfield, M&A, sales office, etc.)
  • Selection of suitable investment destinations

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is an analysis for companies before engaging in an economic activity. It helps to identify nearly all business-related risks/problems and their solutions. Feasibility study can also help determining if the business strategy is practical or not and leading the development of marketing strategies. It projects and evaluates the success or failure of potential business ideas. The content of the feasibility study report includes the specific investigation, research and analysis of various factors, thus to determine whether the project is feasible, to estimate the success rate, economic benefits and social effects, etc.

Feasibility study report is applicable to all kinds of business activities, especially greenfield/brownfiled investment, M&A, as well as sales office and branches investment. Objectives of a feasibility study report involves various range of topics, such as potential target country research, competitor research, investment climate research, environment/pollution research, market research, legal check, risk assessment research, financial research, expansion possibility research, HR research etc. It provides a scientific basis for investment decisions.

Moore EU-Asia Desk provides the following one stop service for Asian companies, in cooperation with Moore offices in EU:

During Investment Study Phase

  • Potential target research
    (Country, region, company, client, competitor)
  • Investment climate research
  • Environment/Pollution research
  • Market research
  • Legal check
  • Appraisal research
  • Risk assessment research
  • Financial research
  • HR research, etc.
  • Changes of production research
  • Changes of process plan research
  • Supplier and market research
  • Social environment research
  • Estimation of economic and social benefits of project
  • Expansion possibility research
  • Audit conclusions on the reliability of feasibility study reports, etc.

During Operational Phase



Sales offices & Branches


We have rich experience in creating Feasibility Study Reports for Asian clients by deeply understanding the business culture differences in between Asia and Europe. We customize the contents to meet customer requirements. In addition to provide general report and specific report, we especially provide tailor-made visits and meetings for the purpose of getting more intuitive information of the current situation to fulfill the aspects of our clients.
  • Make tailor-made itinerary according to clients
    - Arrange transportation and accommodation
    - Visit relevant industrial sites
    - Arrange reference visits to local companies
  • Search suppliers and developers
  • Arrange meetings with relevant experts  
  • Support by native speaker
  • Identify client's needs
  • Make general outline and accurately collect authoritative statistics
  • Identify potential risks and future steps according to the business culture differences in between Asia and EU
  • Specify and coordinate relevant experts, partners and developers
  • Deliver and translate report according to client's needs

Tailor-made visit

General Report

Specific Report

Project Management

Especially for Greenfield Investment

  • Support of project progress (make project timetable, follow up project schedule, organize meetings and visits according to client’s needs, etc.)
  • Communicate and act on behalf of clients with relevant parties (state authorities, banks, construction companies, supplier, potential clients and partners, lawyers, specialists, etc. )
  • Clarify misunderstandings and provide professional solutions during project
  • Strategic consulting on potential risks and future steps

Advantages of Our Service

  • Clarify and prioritize the need of clients
  • Identify required procedures and partners on behalf of clients
  • Comprehend the business culture differences in between Asia and Europe, and reduce misunderstandings and obstacles
  • Specify relevant experts, partners and developers, communicate on behalf of clients
  • Identify future risks and business understandings
  • Support by native speaker