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Tax Advisory

Moore serves clients across the country and around the world as they navigate an increasingly complex tax landscape. Our tax professionals draw on deep experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need to maintain compliance and drive value – wherever they do business.

Our services cover all the types of taxation applicable in the EU. In particular, we are able to help you with the following:

Optimization of Tax

  • International Tax Planning
  • Research and Development – double tax deduction

Other Support

  • Hot-line Support
  • Representing the Company in Negotiations with Authorities
  • Tax News
  • Business Breakfast
  • Seminars
  • Training for employees

Tax Advisory

  • Transfer Pricing
  • Investment Incentives
  • EU Funds & Other Subsidies

Tax Compliance

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Value Added Tax, etc.

Investment Incentives

Investment incentive is a policy implemented by the government of each European country to promote the establishment of new businesses or to encourage existing businesses to expand.

Here are three main categories of investment incentives: financial incentives, such as various grants and loans; fiscal incentives, such as tax holidays and reduced tax rates; and other incentives, such as subsidized infrastructure, market preferences, and regulatory concessions.

Our tax professionals are well-experienced in the area of investment incentives. We will assist you with the preparation of an investment incentive application to obtain the most suitable incentives and assistance with negotiations with the relevant ministries. We are prepared to provide our clients with a tailored and practical solution which will meet the requirements. Within the preparation of an investment incentive application to obtain the most suitable and the highest investment incentive, we offer the following complex services:

Assistance with inspections conducted for investment incentives

Optimal utilization of the investment incentives

Subsequent assistance after the grant of investment incentives

Assistant within implementation of an effective control system

Moore Tax

Advisory on the best method how to fulfill the investment incentives conditions

Continuous monitoring of compliance with the investment incentives conditions

Preparation of a corporate income tax return –including calculation of available state support (tax relief, financial aid for the retraining or training of new employees)

EU Funds

EU Funds are an instrument for implementing the EU's economic and social cohesion policy, with its main aim of eliminating the differences in the levels of development among the EU regions and member states and the relative primitiveness of the most disadvantaged regions.

The EU spends money via different funds, programmes and financial instruments. Five main funds support the economic development of all EU Member States in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. They are:

European Social Fund

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Cohesion Fund

European Regional Development Fund

The EU makes funding available in different forms, including grants, loans and guarantees, subsidies, prizes and public contracts. It supports a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as:

Employment & Social Inclusion

Maritime & Fisheries Policies

Research & Innovation

Humanitarian Aid

Agriculture & Rural Development

Regional & Urban Development

Advantages of Our Service

  • Clarify and prioritize the need of clients
  • Identify required procedures and partners on behalf of clients
  • Comprehend the business culture differences in between Asia and Europe, and reduce misunderstandings and obstacles
  • Specify relevant experts, partners and developers, communicate on behalf of clients
  • Identify future risks and business understandings
  • Support by native speaker