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Payroll / Accounting
With the progress of globalization, expanding business in Europe has become highly important. Having said that, it is not easy to achieve successful investment for Asian companies – Europe is far-distant world in terms of physical distance, lifestyle, languages, social custom and business cultures, which many times create a lot of misunderstanding and obstacles in every step of investment processes and business operations.

When considering investing in EU countries, the key to success is to find an expert who clearly understands your needs and the cultural differences between the countries. Generally, the largest obstacle is not the language barrier but the lack of knowledge about business custom in the other country. That is why having such intermediary support is crucial to improve the understanding of European business cultures, reduce business risks, save time, and achieve better results.

Moore EU-Asia Desk provides the following one stop service for Asian companies, in cooperation with Moore offices in EU:

M&A Opportunity

  • Introduction of potential M&A targets
  • Implementation of transaction
  • Financial advisory & due diligence
  • Business valuation (stock, assets, etc.)

Setting Up a Business

  • Establishment of a company
  • Investment incentives
  • Other financial subsidies
  • HR consulting
  • Transport / logistics consulting
  • Preparation of legal document
  • Headhunting
  • Visa support for expats

Offices / Branches Investment

  • Information service
  • Arrangement of visits, etc.

Greenfield / Brownfield Investment

  • Information service
  • Arrangement of visits
  • Appraisal of real estate, etc.

Country Specific Support (Japan, China and Korea)

  • Intermediary support
  • Project management support
  • Language support

Running a Business

  • Strategic consulting
  • Logistics consulting
  • PR consulting
  • GDPR & privacy consulting
  • Accounting / bookkeeping & payroll
  • Tax advisory
  • Valuation
  • Audit
  • Legal service
  • Management consulting
  • Post merger integration (PMI)

Feasibility Study



Case Studies

1 | Greenfield Investment

We provided complete service for a Chinese automotive-related company which decided to establish a factory in the Czech Republic, such as;
  • Feasibility study support (visit to potential sites, meeting arrangement, information service, etc.)
  • Land purchase (negotiation with owners, review of contracts, appraisal service, etc.)
  • Investment incentives (preparation for application)
  • Setting up a business (registration of a company, business license, bank accounts, trademarks, etc.)
  • Project management (communication with construction companies, schedule management, problem solving, etc.)
  • Project management support (communication support by a native Chinese speaker)

2 | M&A Opportunity

We have close cooperation with advisory companies in Japan regarding M&A projects. As Moore offices in Europe have extensive pool of active sellers in each country, we are gathering promising deals and introducing them to the Japanese advisory companies who have a list of Japanese companies looking for M&A opportunities.

So far, we have worked on many cases in various fields (automotive, consumer products, food, logistics, printing, etc.) in different countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, etc.). Our service includes not only due diligence but also financial advisory both on sell-side and buy-side. We also take care of post merger integration (PMI) after transactions have been completed.

3 | HR Consulting

We provided HR consulting service to Japanese automotive-related companies, right after they set up a business in the Czech Republic. The largest concern of those companies were recruitment under the saturated labor market. Our consultants (experienced in production, legal and HR) and native Japanese staff helped in establishing organizational structure, salaries, benefits, and complete set of legal documents, as well as headhunting managerial positions and hiring direct workers.