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Recruitment is one of the largest concerns among new and existing investors in Europe. Especially in CEE (Central Eastern Europe) countries, unemployment rate has reached to the lowest level in recent years, and many companies are in urgent need of taking measures – hiring people from different countries, introducing highly automated machineries, or shifting the part of their operations to different countries.

Having said that, finding skilled workforce is not as difficult as it sounds. In reality, motivated people are continuously looking for better opportunities – which means that companies providing appealing job opportunities have a great chance to succeed in recruitment. You just need to create a good strategy, do proper marketing activities, and find the best ways to approach candidates.

Moore EU-Asia Desk provides one-stop service for recruitment, both headhunting managers and hiring direct workers. We also help new companies to establish HR system, by creating a whole set of necessary legal documents (contracts, internal documents, GDPR, directives, etc.), setting up salary/benefit structures, and doing follow-up activities for new employees.

Establishment of HR System

For newly-established companies, we provide the following all-in-one service starting from Strategic Consulting, System Setup, Legal Paperwork, to Recruitment/Headhunting.

Strategic Consulting

  • General Guidelines
    (strategy, goals, culture, value etc.)
  • Budget Distribution (revision of wage plan, number of personnel, positions, etc.)
  • Recruitment Methods (head hunting, HR agency, labor office, etc.)

HR Consulting

  • Preparation of Individual Contracts
  • Negotiation with Suppliers (car, mobile, safety, doctor, etc.)
  • Follow-up Activities for New Employees
  • Customization of Legal Documents
  • Cultural Training for New Employees

System Setup

  • Recruitment Process
  • Salary Structure
  • Skill Sheet
  • Motivation Scheme (evaluation, benefits)

1 month

2 - 3 months

1 - 2 months

2 - 3 months

HR Documents

  • Internal Documents
  • Contracts
  • Company Rules
  • Safety /
  • GDPR, etc.

Recruitment / Headhunting

  • Job Description
  • Company Introduction

Managers (headhunting)

  • HR
  • Financial
  • Production
  • QA/QC, etc.

Staff-level (recruitment)

  • HR
  • Engineer
  • Maintenance
  • Workers, etc.

Advantages of Our Service

  • Quick establishment of HR system in few months
  • All-in-one service provided by experienced HR consultants
  • No need to hire an external lawyer for the creation of legal documents

Recruitment / Headhunting

We provide recruitment and headhunting service in the following manner. After the selection of candidates, we provide additional service such as preparation of contract and follow-up activities, according to the client’s needs.

Advertisement (using headhunting tools)


Screening of Candidates (CV checking)


Pre-selection of Candidates (First Interview)


Interview of Candidates (Second Interview)


Selection of Candidates



Clients + Moore

Create Job Descriptions


Background Checking of Candidates (by lawyer)


Agreement on Conditions


Preparation of Employment Contracts


Signing Employment Contracts


Follow-up Activities for New Employees