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In recent years, more and more companies are choosing M&A as a way of investment in Europe. This wave stems from the common issues in Europe: lack of labor force and time-consuming permitting processes. M&A is very an effective and efficient tool for the quick start of business - but to achieve “successful” M&A, the importance of due diligence and PMI (post merger integration) cannot be neglected. We provide all kinds of M&A services both on the sell-side and buy-side, including market research, introduction and search of acquisition targets in Europe, financial advisory, red flag reports, due diligence, and post merger integration (PMI).

Our Services Within M&A

Active Approach

  • Professional buyer
  • Active search
  • With tightly defined acquisition criteria

Passive Approach

  • Semi professional buyer
  • Passive search
  • With broad or ill-defined acquisition criteria


  • Become an entrepreneur by management buyout

Financial model –reviewing

  • Independent auditing of the financial model

Financial model -building

  • Providing tailor-made decision making tools for business success

Merger / Alliance / Joint Venture

  • Growth strategy
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Expansion into new vertical product-chain level

Equity Raising

  • Financing for start-up, growth, entry into new markets, etc.

Debt and Mezzanine Advisory

  • (Often) In connection with growth phrases or restructuring

Sale of a Small-size Enterprise

  • Enterprise value:
    < EUR 3 million
  • Succession reason
  • (Often) Tax-driven

Sale of a Mid-size Enterprise

  • Enterprise value:
    EUR 3 million – 30 million
  • To realize synergies and to maximize value

Sale / Spin-off / Divestment

  • Enterprise value:
    > EUR 30 million
  • Focus on strategic aspects

AMA – Distressed Sale

  • Short timeframes for transaction
  • AMA – Accelerated M&A sales

Strategic & Project

M&A Buy Project

M&A Sell Project

Strategic Options & Financial Models

Support for Asian Companies

All Moore offices in European countries mutually share the information on sell-side and buy-side companies. For Asian companies who are interested in M&A, it is often very difficult to identify potential targets and evaluate the advantages and risks, especially because of cultural differences, business customs, and language barriers. We support Asian companies throughout the above-mentioned whole process - from target identification to due diligence, transaction, and PMI. If you need any consultation on where to invest in Europe, in which form (M&A, greenfield, brownfield, sales office, etc.), when and how, please feel free to contact us. Our professional advisory team will provide you with the best solution according to your needs.